Residential Garbage

Collection Guidelines

To find out what day to set out your green garbage cart, visit this link and type in your address. Scroll down to find your trash pick-up day listed under the ’Services’ section.

  • Don’t miss us! Put your container outside by 7 a.m. on your designated collection day.
  • Please leave your container out until at least 7 p.m. on your designated collection day.
  • Bag your trash to prevent the wind from blowing it out of the container as we dump it and to keep your container clean.
  • Keep the lid closed, and do not overfill. Our operators do not pick up bags of trash outside the container.
  • Household trash placed outside of the container will not be collected.
  • Place containers at your designated collection point - near your driveway, at the front curb or within 3 feet (3’) of the alley’s edge.
  • Position the container with the wheels toward your house.
  • Multiple containers should be positioned with 4 feet of space between them.
  • Do not place containers near mailboxes, electrical or cable boxes, or other stationary objects such as gas or water meter
  • Do not park vehicles in front of containers on collection day.
  • Do not place household chemicals and electronics in your garbage cart. Please take them to the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center, located at 11234 Plano Road. This service is free for Garland residents.
    • Click here for more information on household hazardous waste
  • If your container has a broken lid, broken wheels or is damaged beyond use, contact us at 972-205-3500 or use eAssist to request a repair or replacement.
    • Cracked carts that are still functional and do not have trash leaking from them are not replaced.
    • If you no longer want a container with scratches or cracks, you can request a new cart for a fee of $60.

Waste that is too large for the green container, including tree trimmings, furniture, bags of leaves and grass, or carpeting, should be placed at the front curb no earlier than 6 p.m. the day before scheduled pick up of brush and bulky waste. The exception is tree limbs, which may be placed at the front curb any day of the week. All brush and limbs must be separated from other bulky waste and placed in a separate pile.

Missed Collection

Sanitation crews can work from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.. If it is currently your collection day and you believe you have been missed, please wait until at least the next day to report your missed collection. All residential customers have 24 hours after their collection day to report a missed collection.

To report a missed collection, please use eAssist or contact us at 972-205-3500.

Acquiring Additional Carts

To request additional carts, please contact us via eAssist or call 972-205-3500. You may request up to two additional trash containers, for a total of three (3). You will pay an Additional Container Monthly Service Charge of $7.10 for each additional green trash container.

Additional Information

The City retains ownership of trash carts. Residents who have extra carts should contact Customer Service when they move away or move to another residence within the City so the extra container(s) can be picked up and billing records can be updated. If you are paying for an additional container and want to cancel, call Customer Service to request removal of the additional container(s).

Collections Assistance

City of Garland solid waste customers who are physically or visually impaired and who do not have a household member or employee able to assist in placing the trash or recycling, may qualify for free collections assistance. Please visit Utility Customer Services to see if you qualify.