How do I obtain an Elevation Certificate?

To obtain a new Elevation Certificate, please contact a registered professional land surveyor (RPLS) or professional engineer (PE), licensed to practice in the State of Texas, who is qualified to provide you with that service. Please be aware that not all RPLS’s or PE’s include Elevation Certificates as a part of their business.

If you have a copy of an Elevation Certificate for your property, or eventually obtain a new one, the City kindly requests that you provide a copy to the Engineering Department for its records. The City of Garland participates in FEMA’s voluntary incentive program called CRS (Community Rating System) that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management activities that exceed NFIP requirements. As a part of the CRS, the City is required to keep records of any Elevation Certificate that it obtains a copy of. This helps reduce our community’s flood insurance premiums for property owners in Garland.

While the  Engineering Department does not have an Elevation Certificate for every property in the City, it can produce copies of Elevation Certificates upon request if one is currently on file.   Copies are available to the public free of charge. You may contact the Engineering Department at 972-205-2170 to request a copy.

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