How long can library materials be kept?

ItemQuantitiesLoan Period
Booksup to 9921 days
Audio books (CD)up to 1221 days
DVDsup to 127 days
Downloadable itemsup to 107 days or 21 days
Interlibrary Loan
See your receipt, determined by lending library


This is the number of items you can have on your library card at a time.

Renewing your materials:

Items owned by the Garland Libraries can be renewed up to 6 times provided no one has placed a hold on the item.  If you need to renew an Interlibrary Loan, please email the ILL Department and request an extension at least 7 days before the item is due.  

Online Renewal

Go to My Account on the Library Catalog page, enter your Library Card number and PIN and click Log In. Click on Checkouts, select the items you want to renew and click Renew.

Telecirc Telephone Renewal

Call 972-205-2514 to access the automated phone system. It will ask you for your Library Card number and PIN to access your account. This is an automated system and will not get you to a staff member.

Neither of these methods will renew your books if they are overdue. If you need assistance from a Circulation staff member call 972-205-2524.

Returning your materials:

Books, DVDs and audiobooks checked out from a Garland Library can be returned to any Garland Library.  Items are checked in automatically when they are placed in our automated return system.

Materials downloaded from OverDrive will return themselves on their due date. Please visit the OverDrive page for more information on downloadable books.

Overdue Fines

The library will no longer charge late fees on materials returned after their due dates. Library staff do ask that users be considerate of other patrons and return or renew borrowed items at their earliest convenience. Items can still be overdue and items that are not returned or renewed will be considered lost. The charge for a lost item is the replacement cost, plus a five-dollar processing fee and you will not be able to use your library card until the item is returned or paid for and cleared from your account.

If you lose, damage or do not return an item you will be charged the cost to replace it plus a $5 processing fee.  Replacement fees for interlibrary loan books are determined by the lending library. We do not accept replacement copies for damaged or lost materials.          

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