Why do I have a new account number?

The upgraded system provides the opportunity to enhance the security of our system and the customer’s account information. As a result, customers will be assigned newly formatted account numbers. Please make a note of this change if you have existing online banking payment methods - the account numbers for those payments will need to be updated. Garland will continue to accept payments and inquiries related to the old account number for a limited amount of time, to ensure there is sufficient time for customers to update and transition to the new account numbers. If you are simply using the Phone line or "Pay Now" button without logging in to set up an account on the portal please take note: 

If paying over the phone when asked for your account number, enter your entire account number to equal 16 digits, leaving out the dash and pressing # after all digits are entered. 

For Example: Account number 00001234-00056789 would be entered as 0000123400056789#.  Old account information will no longer work through Speedpay.

If paying as a guest through the "pay now" button PAY NOW enter your entire account number to equal 16 digits, including the dash.  

 For Example: Account number 1234-56789 would be entered as 00001234-00056789.  Old account information will no longer work through Speedpay.

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