How do I start business collection service?
  1. Please email or call 972-205-3500 for more information about Commercial Services
  2. You must sign a 12-month service agreement to establish service.
  3. Commercial and residential customers are required to establish a City of Garland utility account. Services will be billed on a monthly basis (one stop billing).
  4. If you need to change the container size or collection frequency, we will provide a Service Agreement Addendum that reflects the requested changes within two business days.
  5. Collection frequency for both trash and recycling is once per week.
  6. There is a flat fee for extra collection between service days for all front-load containers. The fee will be billed on your City of Garland utility account.
  7. You may request to have a gravity locking device installed on your dumpster. There is a one-time fee to cover the cost of the locking device.

For more information regarding Commercial Services please check the Commercial Services web page.

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