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2020 WHERE THE HEART IS: Exterior Home Repair Application -- THE OAKS NEIGHBORHOOD

  1. Only residents of the Oaks Neighborhood are eligible for this program (see map below). Applications due February 14, 2020. Not all applicants will receive assistance. Approval and scope is dependent upon available volunteer skillsets. All work will be done by unpaid volunteers with donated supplies. Homeowners are expected to be present when any volunteer work is in progress.

  2. Oaks Map


  4. Please check all that apply*

  5. Do you own or rent your home? *

  6. Do you have homeowners insurance? *

  7. Are you current on your Tax and Utility Payments? *

  8. Do you plan on staying in the home for at least 2 years? *

  9. Homeowner Contributions

  10. Can you provide a restroom for volunteers?*

  11. Can you provide water for volunteers? *

  12. Can you provide any needed supplies or tools to complete repairs?*

  13. Can you (or someone in your place) work with volunteers to repair your home?*

  14. Exterior Home Repairs Requested:

    *Only exterior work will be considered. Examples include but are not limited to: Complying with Code Violations, landscaping, tree trimming, painting, fence maintenance, trash removal, light carpentry. Please prioritize your requests in order of most urgently needed.

  15. i.e. Repair Fence

  16. i.e. 6ft. tall X 30 ft. long

  17. i.e. Fence is leaning, received Code notice of violation Feb. 2020... etc.

  18. (optional)

  19. (optional)

  20. Statement of Authorization and Accuracy*

    I certify that the information on Exterior Home Repair Application is accurate and that resident(s) reside at the property address given on the application. Resident(s) hereby release and hold harmless the City of Garland, volunteers and all associated with Where the Heart Is program from any and all liability whatsoever. Homeowner agrees to allow the City of Garland to take and use photo images of home, homeowner and any volunteers working at the home.

  21. Contact Nancy Tunell with the Office of Neighborhood Vitality for any quesitons. or call 972-205-3864.

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